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Our Mission Statement

About The Bully Cup Association (BCA)

The Bully Cup Association (BCA) is all dog-breed registry specializing in American Bully Breeds of all types from Exotic Micro to XL.  The Bully Cup Association was created in 2007.  The primary mission of The Bully Cup Association (BCA)is to provide knowledge of the Bully breed and help assist breeders in producing better dogs.   The (BCA) completes this mission by providing the Bully breed community with support for competitions, shows, and our registry.

The Bully Cup Association (BCA) specializes in a Bully registry that categorizes under the following Bully types:
a.) XL (Extra Large)
b.) Standard
c.) Extreme
d.) Pocket
e.) Extreme pocket (will cover Exotic and Micro classes)

The Bully Cup Association (BCA) differentiates the above Bully breeds from other breeds by their physical appearance.  This American Bully breed has evolved into a shorter and heavier bone structure and an extreme “Bullier” build.  This particular type was bred with the purpose of having a good temperment and best friend for the dog owner. 

Another primary initiative of The Bully Cup Association (BCA)is endorse the new "JustBully" movement.  The BCA believes The "JustBully" movement will bring all American Bully breeds and types together (from XL to Exotic/Micro).  This will be done by bringing the American Bully community to compete together through sanctioned dog shows and exhibitions.